Welcome to Ambler Art Group

Ambler Art Group understands that while our customers appreciate our made-to-order hand crafted product, sometimes quick ship dates are necessary. In an effort to meet these needs, we have added our Ship-it-Now line to our online catalog.



Our Ship-it-Now section of the online catalog and contains a variety of hand-crafted, ready-to-ship pieces that have the high quality, individual attention, and distinct style that you have come to expect from Ambler Art Group.  Please log in to see our entire line, including the Ship-It-Now section.

•  These framed pieces ship out in 5-7 business days of receipt of order. 
•  Products offered through the program are subject to change without notice.
•  Excessive quantities on products ordered as Ship-It-Now may be subject to availability or delay.
•  We welcome customization on any of our product, though any customization whatsoever disqualifies the order as a Ship-It-Now.
•  If an order contains both Ship-It-Now and non-Ship-It-Now items, the entire order will be treated as a non-Ship-It-Now order unless there is a request to ship pieces separately.  Request must be sent in writing and separate shipping charges apply.

You can place an order several ways:

•  Fax a purchase order to 314-965-3324 

•  Email customerservice(at)amblerartgroup(dot)com

•  Log in and put the desired items into your Project Folder, then from the Project Folder page click "Share Project Folder" and set it to send to either wkingambler(at)amblerartgroup(dot) OR customerservice(at)amblerartgroup(dot)com

Please see our Customer Service for further information about these prints as well as the rest of the Ambler Art Group line.  Please contact us if you would like to be sent a Ship-It-Now catalog.  Prices are listed on a separate Ship-It-Now pricelist so the catalog is ready and easy to share with clients.